released October 27, 2017
Marissa Kay - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Alexis Blair - bass
Jordan Lucas - drums
Produced by Nick Kauffman at Downfall Studios
Mastered by Christopher Cooper at Blue Seven Audio


Never gonna run away again
Never gonna hide my voice and feel the shame
Never gonna let them hurt me like they did back then
Gonna make them look me in the eye and say my name

Trans Is Love
Light this candle
Hold it to the sky
The world's against us but we're fighting every night

Every day I lived a lie until today
Every day I tried to fight who I really am
But now I'm seeing all the world in a different way
And all of this is just one step in the master plan

So dance with me
And we'll sing until the air leaves our lungs
So dance with me
And we'll scream until our days are done