We headed out when the sun went down
Riding the wind all the way to Nashville
Living on the cheap off of mystery meat
To hear another city's sound
When the sun was rising I could see you smiling
And then all the bands started playing
There was too much to feel, it didn't even seem real
You could hear the drums from miles around

We went up through the mountains running all night
Watching the skies and the interstate signs
And out by the city we were singing a song
That played on the radio when we were young

We were wild on the highway with our love
And we were wild just watching the stars above

And when the days started to bleed on just an hour of sleep
Fueled on coffee and cigarettes
We tried to blow through each state on all the music we made
Living life without no regrets
And I remember when we hit the shoreline
Building bridges on the burning sand
I wanted each minute here to last forever
Keep you with me as long as I can

Say you'll remember me
And I'll keep you in my dreams, baby

Marissa Kay - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Alexis Blair - Bass
Jordan Lucas - Drums
Produced by Nick Kauffman at Downfall Studios
Mastered by Christopher Cooper at Blue Seven Audio