Waiting at the station
A little Dolly in her earphones
Her fingers tremble as she lights up a smoke
Headed a million miles from home

She wipes off her mascara
And heads out to another life
And back in Texas I'm leaving a million voicemails
Begging her to think twice

So let me know
What could I give to you
What do I have to do
For you to take me back
So don't let go
Our love was terrible
But we were beautiful
Beautiful trash

I hear she's living it up in the city
Always got a bottle in her hand
You know I tried so hard to be her lover
But I could never be her man
Well I'm gonna drive down there
Buy her a rose for every time she cried
Leave at 3 AM, time to start again
Baby give me one more try

Marissa Kay - Vocals, Guitar
Alicia Muller - Harmony Vocals
Piper Lawrence - Esraj
Produced by Nick Kauffman at Downfall Studios
Mastered by Christopher Scott Cooper at Blue Seven Audio