From the minute that we are born we gotta fight just to survive
We are trained to feel inferior and they tell us all our lives
Defined by our sexuality even though we're so much more
In this misogynistic society we are virgins or we're whores

Well I ain't fuckin' around no more
I'm gonna smash that glass ceiling
Leave the shards on the floor
It's a revolution
We'll take over the world
And I ain't gonna stand for no man 'cause I fight like a girl

For every dollar that a man makes we get 79 cents
And for 250 years we ain't never seen a female president
But if any man tries to take me to blow his load or scratch that itch
I'm gonna kill him with a song 'cause I'm a stone cold hearted bitch

They always told me that I couldn't be an engineer
They always told me not to speak my mind or interfere
Now that I'm older I take pride in my weirdness
And defying my prescribed identity I'm fucking fearless
So here's a toast to all the girls in the place cause we're
Of every size and shape, cis, trans, straight and queer
So stand tall, your gender's not an apology
Don't let your destiny be dictated by your biology

Marissa Kay - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
LEX The Lexicon Artist - Rap Vocals
Gerard Cabarse - Drums
Produced by Nick Kauffman at Downfall Studios
Mastered by Christopher Scott Cooper at Blue Seven Audio