In the United States of America
In the mosques from Tunis to Tehran
In the greatest house in Sydney
On the islands of Taiwan
In the tropics that we call Zimbabwe
In the glorious lights of Beijing
In the bombed-out streets of Aleppo
Our voices grasp to sing

Show the world love
'Cause there's too many mothers cryin'
Show the world love
'Cause there's too many of us dyin'

We gotta stand up and rise up and sing for our freedom
'Cause pretty soon there might be none to believe in
Make our voices heard to the heavens above
And show the world our love

In the ancient deserts of Baghdad
At the torn down wall in Berlin
From Paris to Sao Paolo to St. Petersburg
You can see the trouble we're in
In the green fields of grass outside Dublin
Or the sand and bricks of Mumbai
I'm telling you everywhere around the world
You can hear us people cry

Marissa Kay - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Nick Kauffman - String Arrangements (Courtesy of the San Ramon Phillharmonic Orchestra)*
Produced by Nick Kauffman at Downfall Studios
Mastered by Christopher Scott Cooper at Blue Seven Audio

*not a real thing